How to write a good pico question

Consult the pyramid click the image to enlarge it and the definitions below. Resources and Type of Clinical Question Background questions are best answered by medical textbooks, point-of-care tools such as DynaMed and Essential Evidence Plus, and narrative reviews.

Are canine-guided occlusal splints more effective than nonoccluding splints in reducing temporamandibular pain in middle-aged females? You evaluate the answer that you find - does it fit with your patient's values and with the resources at hand?

Guide to undergraduate dissertations in the social sciences

The question you ask must be within your ability to tackle. The Outcome This is the result or endpoint that is most important to you and to your patient. Evidence based practice defines 'research' as the creation of new knowledge through studies or trials. This is a more subjective question that may lead to the formation of an argument based on the results and analysis of the data.

Case series — a description of more than one case. When you write a good one, it makes the rest of the process of finding and evaluating evidence much more straightforward.

Evidence Based Practice: Introduction

Are your plans unrealistic? In adult patients with total hip replacements Patient population how effective is PCA pain medication Intervention of interest compared to prn IM pain medication Comparison intervention in controlling post operative pain Outcome during the perioperative and recovery time?

Is there a unique area that yet to be investigated or is there a particular question that may be worth replicating? For those who are having problems with creating their PICOT question nursing, it is important that you first recognize its significance to your field of expertise.

Identify the process for writing meaningful research questions. Developing a good research question is one of the first critical steps in the research process. Is the research question too broad or too narrow? The nurse's role as a secondary member of the multidisciplinary team without any specialized training and is only involved in perioperative care of the bariatric adolescent patient.

Formulating a researchable question: A critical step for facilitating good clinical research

Are there any recent legal or policy changes of significance? Some questions are fads - they arise out of a particular set of personal circumstances, for example a job application.

How to Write a Research Question

Remember that you will need to have a reasonable sample to undertaken meaningful quantitative analysis.Evaluate your question. After you’ve got a question or even a couple of question down on paper, evaluate these questions to realize if they would be effective research questions or.

A question is considered well-built if it addresses the most pertinent parts of your information need and will lead to a focused answer for your clinical question.

Evidence Based Nursing Practice

PICO is an acronym for the four parts of a well-articulated clinical question. PICO and Formulating the Clinical Question: A Guided Exercise Background & Foreground Questions Many questions arise during patient care.

Some are general questions about a clinical problem or a disease process, e.g. first systematically clarifying the question (PICO M), understanding what type of clinical question it is and what type of. Adapted from the PICOT Questions Template; Ellen Fineout-Overholt, This form may be used for educational & research purposes without permission.

When forming your question using PICO, keep the following points in mind: Your P atient is a member of a population as well as a person with (or at risk of) a health problem. So, in addition to age and gender, you may also need to consider ethnicity, socioeconomic status or other demographic variables.

Not all research questions that clinicians wish answered are feasible using this research methodology and the use of a PICOT format is also applicable to other study designs.

The clinical research question being asked ideally determines the best research design for a study.

How to write a good pico question
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