Myp areas of interaction

How do I place value on creation? Each programme is intended to promote the education of the whole person, emphasizing the importance of a broad and balanced education. It builds upon the exhibition from the Primary Years Programme and is excellent preparation for the extended essay on the IB Diploma giving the students grounding in research methodology.

Developing an action plan to stop Myp areas of interaction bullying or creating a healthy menu for the cafeteria are two sample projects that would be central to HSE.

What are my responsibilities? Skills such as technology use, organisationcollaboration, communication and reflection Or form an inter-disciplinary unit using one Area of interaction and more than 1 subject area, maybe even all…. A good command of expression in all of its forms is fundamental to learning.

Every MYP student must also complete a self-reflection where they analyze their study habits, approaches to learning and set personal goals for achievement in the second semester. Our goal is to help students become independent, self-aware, problem solvers.

Semester 1 A Parent Teacher Conference is held midway through the semester. A number of values underpin the curriculum: The overall philosophy of the program is expressed through three fundamental concepts that support and strengthen all areas of the curriculum.

Students who have not completed the mandatory personal project or Community and Service will not be allowed on to the programme. Teaching and learning in context Students learn best when their learning experiences have context and are connected to their lives and their experience of the world that they have experienced.

The IB Diploma Program, the Middle Years Program and the Primary Years Program offer students a robust curriculum with an international foundation that extends across content areas, and explores learning through inquiry-based instruction.

For example, if you are preparing a Personal Project which involves building or designing a bridge Productyou might ask questions about how the idea for the bridge came about originswho or what influenced you to build a bridge contexthow you expect your bridge to affect people impactand how the bridge might be used in the future development.

High enough scores on those assessments may also earn college credit. In particular, the framework is flexible enough to allow a school to include other subjects not determined by the IB but which may be required by state or national authorities.

The learner profile appears at the center of the diagram, and the personal project is the culminating activity.


The emphasis is on the fluidity of the curricular framework and the interrelatedness of the subjects. How can I look after myself and others? Homework Policy and Procedures There is a homework timetable for each year group — this acts as a guideline for teachers to assign homework.

The IBO places particular emphasis on language acquisition, which does more than promote cognitive growth, it is crucial for maintaining cultural identity, personal development and intercultural understanding. Teaching and learning in the MYP is underpinned by the following concepts: Experts such as Steve Biddulph, Andrew Fuller and Ian Lillico recommend the use of scaffolds for boys throughout their schooling.

Assessment Policy and Procedures Students will be assessed formatively during the course of the unit and summatively at the end. It is extremely important to have consistency and connectivity in the District so that students can smoothly transition from one school to the next.

Inclusion and learning diversity in MYP As part of the MYP curriculum, schools address differentiation within the written, taught and assessed curriculum.

Communication is a criterion for all disciplines. Instituting the PYP would require that the school commit itself to a collaborative approach to curriculum development, which is something that Springhurst is already engaged in school-wide.

The IBO places particular emphasis on language acquisition, which does more than promote cognitive growth: What can inspire and impact innovation?

Homework Policy and Procedures: At BCIS we believe that learning is not just about what occurs in the classroom, and the inherent value and spirit of the program is also very strongly reflected in the range of activities complimenting our academic studies.

Aspects of the areas of interaction are addressed naturally through the distinct disciplines. For information sessions, by grade level, please refer to the schedule at the College Corner Information Sessions. Assessment Policy and Procedures: This AOI is not as simply about our traditional ideas of an environment in which green thinking is the central idea.

What are my responsibilities? Human Ingenuity also looks at the reasons for change and the effect that changes have on us. How do various environments affect people?

My Basketball magazine A business plan for a teenager credit card, Constructing a playground for special needs children, Art classes for Primary students. L Link Linking sentences perform two roles:MYP unit planner Unit title Travel Around The World Teacher(s) Subject and grade level Chinese B Standard Year 3 Time frame and duration 4 weeks Stage 1: Integrate significant concept, area of interaction and unit.

This area of interaction is all about providing students with the skills and strategies to enable them to become self-reflective and successful learners.

It is embedded in all MYP units across the. One of the major difference within the MYP curriculum is the use of Areas of Interaction (AOI). Every subject is organized around a set of perspectives, know as Areas of Interaction, that provide a framework for learning. MYP (Grades ) (8 classes taught through the Areas of Interaction, community service hours, and the completion of the Personal Project).

MYP unit planner Unit Title Teacher(s) Subject and Grade Level Time frame and Duration Stage 1: Integrate significant concept, area of interaction and unit.

IB Middle Years Programme

MYP Curriculum Map – Østerbro International School -Mathematics 2 numbers. Gain an understanding of what prime numbers are. Gain an understanding of.

Myp areas of interaction
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