Organizational profile of ut bank ghana ltd essay

Employees spoke a corporate language which is English; but also intermittently spoke Twi when attending to the illiterate clients as well as casual conversations among staff.

Due diligence audit includes thorough investigations of the books and records that can range from asset appraisals to day to day transactions. In he was awarded an honorary membership in the Mongolian Surgical Society.

This would ensure that all involved with the project as well as those working in a functional capacity would have a clear vision set and know that decisions are made based on that vision.

The firm provides auditing, due diligence, account outsourcing, project management and consulting services. Price has participated in or led medical and surgical expeditions to Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Haiti.

After Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana was ruled by a series of military despots with intermittent experiments with democratic rule, most of which were curtailed by military takeovers. Gratuity Liability Calculation 22 5.

Gaye forges strong collaborative relationships with diverse stakeholders—from ministries of health to private-sector partners to local health workers—to meet the enormous health challenges we face in low- and middle-income countries.

Preliminary Trial Balance is a summary of the balance of all accounts in the chart of accounts to, firstly, make sure the books are balanced. All these activities that I have performed during my internship programme are the parts of the different services offered by the organization to its customers.

Minor modifications to promote effective operations will result in higher levels of productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall efficiency of operational processes.

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Major Customers 2. Makasa has a keen interest in Global Health diplomacy, entrepreneurship, politics and governance and the arts. Within this type of organization, each division is self-contained and has its own set of departments grouped by function.

The major skills and attitudes that I was able learn during internship period are as follows: In an effort to overcome these challenges, Pfizer will build a strong bond between employees through a process that provides timely responses, consistent priorities throughout the organization, and increased effectiveness of organizational leadership.

The Banks and Specialised Deposit Taking Institutions ActAct clearly states how non-performing loans should be treated in the Financial Statements of a bank.

So, all the evidential documents and records are to be checked carefully and in detail by an auditor which is the scope of vouching. The culture of an organization is many times created by those who lead it. He received his medical degree from University of Ilorin, Nigeria, completed a family medicine residency and Master of Public Health at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and a public health research fellowship at the Morehouse School of Medicine.

Since I had to attend class till 9: There is no such thing like departments and division.

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I feel privileged for such kind of opportunity I obtained. However, since Fishtail Hotel had not created any Gratuity fund in the past, the Gratuity fund was calculated on the following way so that the Gratuity deposit can be financed by operating cash flows. I was inducted as a team member in various audit and consulting assignment where my job and responsibility included vouching, preparation of working papers, preparation of preliminary trial balance and financial statement, filing of e-returns for taxation purpose and gratuity fund calculation.

It was observed that, the general demeanours of the employees exude respect, integrity and high level professionalism. LaTrina has worked in the public sector as a survey statistician with the US Census Bureau and the private sector as a subject matter expert and consultant in various areas.

Technically speaking, NPL does not necessarily mean bad debt within certain time frame.Owura Kyei-faried is an outstanding student with a very strong background in graphic designing.

He's a very quick learner, hard worker, who excels in a high pressure, and multitasking Entrepreneur CEO/Founder Edwa.

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The bank was re-branded as UT Bank Ghana Limited and opened for business in May In JuneUT Bank and UT Financial Services Merged into one new company called UT Bank Ghana Limited. The Country Ghana Ghana, a country on the West Coast of Africa, is one of the most thriving democracies on the continent.

It has often been referred to as an "island of peace" in one of the most.

Organizational profile of ut bank ghana ltd essay
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